Online Personal Training with Carlos

Train in the Comfort of your Own Living Room

We understand that life can be hectic, and it can sometimes be challenging to find time for the gym.

Our online personal training sessions allow you to connect with Carlos from anywhere in the world at a time that suits you. Our Zoom clients find online PT an easier and more time-efficient way to fit exercise around work and family commitments. 

With our virtual training sessions, you can enjoy the benefits of working with a personal trainer without leaving the comfort of your home. No more commuting to your local gym, struggling to find a parking spot, or waiting around for equipment to become available. You can simply log on to Zoom at your agreed time and start your workout.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, Carlos can help you get in shape and stay motivated with your home workout routine. During your online training sessions, he will guide you through your workouts and provide you with feedback and encouragement to keep you on track. 

Meet Your Online Fitness Coach

Carlos is the Founder of Carlos Method Fitness and a certified personal trainer, with 20 years experience in the fitness industry. He has conducted 1000s of in-person and online personal training sessions, helping 100s of people to get leaner, fitter and stronger. 

Carlos helps clients to celebrate their uniqueness, understanding that we all have different body types and varying levels of personal fitness. He trains a wide range of clients from teenagers to seniors, having worked with people that have never set foot into a gym before, right through to the hardcore gym goers. He is a versatile trainer with a broad skill-set and a very friendly, personable approach to his work.

How it works

Getting started with Zoom personal training is easy. First, you’ll need to schedule a free 15 minute discovery video call with Carlos. During this consultation, he’ll get to know you better and learn more about your fitness goals, medical history, and lifestyle.

You can then come back to us in your own time as to when you would like to start training and what times best suit your schedule. 

You can either choose a fixed day and time every week or you can book ad-hoc sessions, it’s completely up to you. If booking ad hoc, we will need to do this via What’s App messaging.

What do I need?

All you need for your online personal training sessions is a reliable internet connection, a computer or mobile device with a webcam, and any workout equipment you have available. 

How long are sessions?

30 minutes per session.

How much do you charge?

Our online fitness coaching sessions cost £21 for a pay as you go singles session or £100 for a block of 5. All PT sessions need to be paid for in advance.

Online Personal Training with Carlos Training Prices

£21 1 Session


  • Pay as you go
  • 30 minute session
  • Valid for 12 months
  • Payment must be in advance
£100 5 Sessions


  • 5 sessions (£20/ session)
  • 30 minute session
  • Valid for 12 months
  • Payment must be in advance

What our clients say

I’m so happy to have discovered The Carlos Method this year. I’ve dabbled a bit with other trainers and gyms/classes in the past, but this is the best service I’ve found by far. Carlos is a brilliant trainer and clearly so dedicated to what he does. It’s a very welcoming environment and the 30-minute format works well in terms of intensity + time effectiveness. Carlos also always ensures to tailor everything to my needs (and remembers my strengths & weaknesses so I feel in safe hands). Before/after your sessions you are also allowed to use the gym facilities to do additional cardio etc. which makes it super value for money. I would highly recommend to people of all ages and abilities.

Heather Makin

I have been going to Carlos for several years now and he has really helped me improve my fitness. It is a small, friendly, and comfortable studio with great equipment. Carlos really knows his stuff and tailors his training programs to your needs and goals. Highly recommend!

Lynsey Taylor

A friend recommended Carlos and I am very pleased to have taken the opportunity. Our training sessions are dynamic and disciplined. Carlos is a great mentor – always encouraging, full of humour and before you know it he’s quietly got you to do the work-out. A generous minded person with both his knowledge and practice. I would certainly recommend training with him.

Parul Vedanta

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