28 Day Body Blitz

This program is perfect if you have a wedding approaching, summer holiday booked, or big social event coming up. The 28 Day Body Blitz is suitable for beginners, right through to hardcore gym goers. We can scale the intensity of our workouts up or down, depending on your starting level of fitness and conditioning. This fitness package is designed to get maximum results in the shortest time possible. It’s popular with clients wanting to tone up and lose weight quickly, safely, and effectively.

What Results Can You Expect?

Over the 10 years we have offered this service, clients that have followed the program have consistently lost 5-8lbs in weight over the 28 day period. You will also feel noticeably stronger and more energised. You will notice that your clothes fit better and you’ll feel more comfortable in your body. Through the sheer volume, frequency and intensity of your workouts you will automatically lower your stress levels. Your training will also help you get a better night’s sleep, further helping you to lower your stress hormones.

What is Required of You?

  • Commit to training with Carlos 5 days a week for four successive weeks. A total of 20 x 30-minute PT sessions, which will be a mixture of weight training and cardio work.
  • Be prepared to work hard in every session.
  • Come 15 minutes early to warm-up and allow yourself some time to stay afterwards.
  • Your eating needs to be totally on point. This includes completely give up processed foods, sugar and alcohol. I will support you throughout the program with this and can offer you lots of tips and advice that will help you to make positive changes to your weekly food shop.

The Science Behind The Program

Weight loss can come in the form of:

1) Stripping fat

2) Losing water

3) Shedding muscle (we want to avoid this)

A person can safely lose a maximum of 2lbs of body fat per week, requiring you to create a daily calorie deficit of around 1,000 calories a day through both diet and exercise. This is dependent on your metabolic rate (ability to burn fat, which is not the same across the board) so the impact of those diet and exercise changes can vary from person to person. But the harder you train throughout the month and the more diligently you eat, results will follow. It is a combination of the frequency, volume and intensity of your gym sessions, coupled with being strict and consistent with your eating that will drive you to your goals.   

28 Day Body Blitz Training Prices

£280 20 Sessions


  • 20 sessions
  • 30 minute sessions
  • Valid for 5 weeks
  • Payment must be in advance

What our clients say

I really enjoy Carlos’s half an hour training session. More so than previous trainers I have worked with when an hour seems too long and can become tedious. Carlos’s gym is great – perfect size for one-to-one sessions and he has all the cardio equipment you might want for a warm-up or to continue your workout. He’s also a great boxing trainer. Highly recommended.

Tracy Waxman

My teenage son has been going to Carlos regularly over the last couple of years. Carlos has a great understanding of what is needed to get fit and stay motivated and he delivers his sessions with energy and kindness. Such a great place – I highly recommend!

Louise Parsons

I’ve been training with Carlos since October 2021 and have loved every minute! I can fit the 30-minute sessions around my life which has helped me to be consistent with my visits – knowing that it’s only half an hour out of my day means I’m far less likely to cancel when work / life gets busy. Carlos is great at motivating me and he pushes me to work harder than I ever would on my own, but without the harsh, drill instructor quality that some trainers have. My fitness level has significantly improved over the past few months and I’m feeling stronger and have more energy than I did before I started my sessions. I’d really recommend anyone to have a book themselves in for a workout!

Charlotte Leighton

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