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What is your cleaning policy?

The studio is cleaned every day, as we always strive to keep an immaculate training space for our clients. Equipment is cleaned with disinfectant and wet wipes. This is also available for clients to use and wipe down machines after use. Hand sanitizer is provided for clients and we please ask everyone to bring a sweat towel, as you will be working hard in the session. We have windows and good ventilation in both studios, preventing any “gym smell” due to bacteria or mold. We always want decent air quality in the studio and want the studio to be a fresh, clean space for everyone.

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What our clients say

A friend recommended Carlos and I am very pleased to have taken the opportunity. Our training sessions are dynamic and disciplined. Carlos is a great mentor – always encouraging, full of humour and before you know it he’s quietly got you to do the work-out. A generous minded person with both his knowledge and practice. I would certainly recommend training with him.

Parul Vedanta

Carlos is a great guy and fun to work out with. (You’ve got to enjoy doing it otherwise, you won’t continue!) I have gone to other Personal Trainers, and I think Carlos is the best that I have had. I think this is probably because he is running his own business rather than just an employee at a company. I think this results in Carlos taking a closer interest in your workouts and progress. I’ve been going to Carlos for a couple of months now and I see a real difference in my body.

Brian Blaisdell

I have been going to Carlos for several years now and he has really helped me improve my fitness. It is a small, friendly, and comfortable studio with great equipment. Carlos really knows his stuff and tailors his training programs to your needs and goals. Highly recommend!

Lynsey Taylor

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