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What equipment do you have at the studios?

Here is a list of our commercial-grade gym equipment:

Studio 1: Cardio & Strength Room

– LifeFitness Treadmill

– FMI Adjustable Gym Bench

– 2-25kg Dumbbells

– Reebok Step

– Jordan Kettlebells

Studio 2: Boxing Fitness Studio

– Schwinn Spin Bike

– Concept 2 Rowing Machine

– 35kg Punch Bag (Ringside)

– Boxing Wall Pad (Geezers)

– Water Bag (Aquabag)

– Floor to Ceiling Ball

Additional Fitness Kit:

– AMPRO Skipping Rope

– Mini-Bands & Resistance Bands

– Flowin Mat

– Ab Wheel

– Foam Roller

– Stretch Mat

– Boxing Pads

– Powerbags

– ProBox Body Protector

– Stability Ball

– Wrist Roller

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What our clients say

Carlos is a great guy and fun to work out with. (You’ve got to enjoy doing it otherwise, you won’t continue!) I have gone to other Personal Trainers, and I think Carlos is the best that I have had. I think this is probably because he is running his own business rather than just an employee at a company. I think this results in Carlos taking a closer interest in your workouts and progress. I’ve been going to Carlos for a couple of months now and I see a real difference in my body.

Brian Blaisdell

A friend recommended Carlos and I am very pleased to have taken the opportunity. Our training sessions are dynamic and disciplined. Carlos is a great mentor – always encouraging, full of humour and before you know it he’s quietly got you to do the work-out. A generous minded person with both his knowledge and practice. I would certainly recommend training with him.

Parul Vedanta

My teenage son has been going to Carlos regularly over the last couple of years. Carlos has a great understanding of what is needed to get fit and stay motivated and he delivers his sessions with energy and kindness. Such a great place – I highly recommend!

Louise Parsons

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