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What equipment do you have at the studios?

Here is a list of our commercial-grade gym equipment:

Studio 1: Cardio & Strength Room

– LifeFitness Treadmill

– FMI Adjustable Gym Bench

– 2-25kg Dumbbells

– Reebok Step

– Jordan Kettlebells

Studio 2: Boxing Fitness Studio

– Schwinn Spin Bike

– Concept 2 Rowing Machine

– 35kg Punch Bag (Ringside)

– Boxing Wall Pad (Geezers)

– Water Bag (Aquabag)

– Floor to Ceiling Ball

Additional Fitness Kit:

– AMPRO Skipping Rope

– Mini-Bands & Resistance Bands

– Flowin Mat

– Ab Wheel

– Foam Roller

– Stretch Mat

– Boxing Pads

– Powerbags

– ProBox Body Protector

– Stability Ball

– Wrist Roller

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What our clients say

I’ve been training with Carlos since October 2021 and have loved every minute! I can fit the 30-minute sessions around my life which has helped me to be consistent with my visits – knowing that it’s only half an hour out of my day means I’m far less likely to cancel when work / life gets busy. Carlos is great at motivating me and he pushes me to work harder than I ever would on my own, but without the harsh, drill instructor quality that some trainers have. My fitness level has significantly improved over the past few months and I’m feeling stronger and have more energy than I did before I started my sessions. I’d really recommend anyone to have a book themselves in for a workout!

Charlotte Leighton

I have been going to Carlos for several years now and he has really helped me improve my fitness. It is a small, friendly, and comfortable studio with great equipment. Carlos really knows his stuff and tailors his training programs to your needs and goals. Highly recommend!

Lynsey Taylor

I can highly recommend Carlos. I’ve been training there once or twice a week for over a year and am much fitter and stronger. Carlos is very accommodating and will always try and move things around to help fit me in with a busy schedule. It’s a great, friendly place to get fit!

Phillipa Megitt

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