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Is Carlos Method Fitness suitable for me?

We are suitable for all ages and abilities. I have trained kids as young as 11 years old and adults right up until 70+ years of age. We have experience of helping all of the following:


With the the young kids, the focus is on strengthening their core and building their muscular endurance with lots of bodyweight movements, getting them to understand correct posture and alignment.


With the adults, we may be working on fat loss, stress management, or strength and conditioning.

Older Adults

With the older adults, I adopt I very careful approach and we take things slowly and work well within their limits.


I have a lot of practical experience of working with Mums. In Finchley, North London I ran a studio for 9 years and around 70% of our client base were busy Mums. I have my Level 3 Pre and Post-Natal Certificate and have helped Mums maintain their fitness safely throughout their pregnancy. I have also supported them in getting their body confidence back and feeling strong and able again following their pregnancy.

To all potential clients, you can be assured that you will be doing safe and effective exercises, which are right for you and your body. I will constantly communicate with you throughout the session to see how an exercise feels and whether we need to progress or regress the movement to better suit your own mechanics. Everyone’s body shape, level of fitness and strength is different but we begin our training together at whatever your own baseline is and we move on from there, making good progress as the weeks go by. Whether you have never stepped foot into a gym before, or have trained your whole life, we will be able to adapt our session to suit your needs. Everyone will benefit from 30-minutes of safe and effective exercise and will reap the rewards in terms of their general health, well-being and fitness.

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What our clients say

Carlos is a great guy and fun to work out with. (You’ve got to enjoy doing it otherwise, you won’t continue!) I have gone to other Personal Trainers, and I think Carlos is the best that I have had. I think this is probably because he is running his own business rather than just an employee at a company. I think this results in Carlos taking a closer interest in your workouts and progress. I’ve been going to Carlos for a couple of months now and I see a real difference in my body.

Brian Blaisdell

My teenage son has been going to Carlos regularly over the last couple of years. Carlos has a great understanding of what is needed to get fit and stay motivated and he delivers his sessions with energy and kindness. Such a great place – I highly recommend!

Louise Parsons

So, I came to Carlos after having my second child and not being able to shift the last bit of weight as timely as I wanted to… GREATEST DECISION EVERRR! Carlos is an amazing trainer… kind, personable, patient. He trains you like a beast but understands that your best can be different each day. I love the fact that he is flexible with his training regime and doesn’t stick rigidly to a pre-planned work out. He is also very helpful with nutritional advice and doesn’t mind you bombarding his phone with your meals! He’s an all-round good guy, can’t recommend him enough, but don’t take my word for it… If you want to look after yourself by way of keeping fit, give Carlos a go… he even gives you a free taster session!!

Christina George-Stone

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