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Can I book regular, fixed PT sessions with Carlos?

Yes. We always advise you sticking to some kind of routine and having a regular slot and time but we know this is not for everyone. At our London studio, 75-80% of the studio had fixed bookings, whilst a good 20% chose to book ad-hoc due to work, family and social engagements. By booking in a fixed slot, you can plan other activities around your PT and from observation the clients that have a set schedule tend to train the most consistently, both inside and outside of their time with me. However, the choice is yours of course. To book a regular, weekly slot please contact Carlos directly and he can enter them in for you. However, we can only book in sessions that have been paid for in advance, i.e., if you buy a block of 10 then we can only pre-book 10 sessions.

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What our clients say

So, I came to Carlos after having my second child and not being able to shift the last bit of weight as timely as I wanted to… GREATEST DECISION EVERRR! Carlos is an amazing trainer… kind, personable, patient. He trains you like a beast but understands that your best can be different each day. I love the fact that he is flexible with his training regime and doesn’t stick rigidly to a pre-planned work out. He is also very helpful with nutritional advice and doesn’t mind you bombarding his phone with your meals! He’s an all-round good guy, can’t recommend him enough, but don’t take my word for it… If you want to look after yourself by way of keeping fit, give Carlos a go… he even gives you a free taster session!!

Christina George-Stone

I can highly recommend Carlos. I’ve been training there once or twice a week for over a year and am much fitter and stronger. Carlos is very accommodating and will always try and move things around to help fit me in with a busy schedule. It’s a great, friendly place to get fit!

Phillipa Megitt

My teenage son has been going to Carlos regularly over the last couple of years. Carlos has a great understanding of what is needed to get fit and stay motivated and he delivers his sessions with energy and kindness. Such a great place – I highly recommend!

Louise Parsons

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