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Can I book regular, fixed PT sessions with Carlos?

Yes. We always advise you sticking to some kind of routine and having a regular slot and time but we know this is not for everyone. At our London studio, 75-80% of the studio had fixed bookings, whilst a good 20% chose to book ad-hoc due to work, family and social engagements. By booking in a fixed slot, you can plan other activities around your PT and from observation the clients that have a set schedule tend to train the most consistently, both inside and outside of their time with me. However, the choice is yours of course. To book a regular, weekly slot please contact Carlos directly and he can enter them in for you. However, we can only book in sessions that have been paid for in advance, i.e., if you buy a block of 10 then we can only pre-book 10 sessions.

Can I share my PT block with a family member or friend?

Due to previous issues in the past, we would need you to please purchase your PT block up front in one, single payment only. Once payment has been received in full, you could then share your block with whoever you wish. However, sorting out who pays/owes for what session needs to be discussed among yourselves. The responsibility of this will lie with the person who purchased the PT block.

Do you accept cheques, debit cards, credit cards, or cash?

We accept direct bank transfer of monies into our Starling business account or cash payment on the day. This avoids 3rd party processing fees from payment machines, or the MindBody app, which helps us to keep PT prices affordable and great value for our clients. Please note that we don’t accept cheques. All sessions need to be paid for in advance.

Do you offer discounted rates?

We have already discounted our packages, as you will be able to see on our prices page. A single PT session for any of our services is always the most expensive and then the price drops by £1 per session, as you buy a bigger block. This can clearly be seen on our prices page. We are afraid that no other discounts are available, as we offer competitive pricing within the local area.

Do you sell gift cards and how can I purchase them?

Yes we do but only e-gift cards. These are personalised with the recipients name and are then sent back to you via email. These can be printed at home if you wish. There are a variety of designs available and for different occasions. Please send an email to and we can arrange this for you.

How and when do I pay for my PT sessions?

All sessions, blocks and packages must please be paid for in advance.

How do I book my free taster session?

Please fill out the enquiry form on our Homepage and Carlos will be in touch within 24 hours to book in your free taster session with him.

How do I cancel a PT session?

If you would like to cancel a session this must be done online and with at least 24 hours notice before the start of your session time. Cancellations can either be done through the Mind-body desktop version, or the app. Please note that Carlos cannot accept calls, text messages, or what’s app’s regarding late cancellations and any attempt to do will still result in a late charge. We continue to invest into our MindBody subscription so that this aspect of the business is taken care of automatically.

How do I get access to the MINDBODY app?

We will send you booking instructions on how to use the MindBody app after your free taster session with Carlos.

What do I bring to my free PT taster session?

Come wearing comfortable gym kit, i.e. tracksuit bottoms/leggings and a breathable top. Bring a sweat towel and bottle of water, as I will get you working during the session. Maybe a change of tops might be a good idea, in case it’s covered in sweat and sticking to you. If you are coming to see me during the warmer months, then you could even bring a yoga mat and do some stretching outside in the garden after your session. Don’t worry if you forget your yoga mat, as I do keep a spare one in the studio.

What is a free taster session?

Carlos will take you through a 30-minute workout that will be tailored to you and your body. Here, he will have a chance to get a good idea of your fitness, strength and general movement. He will also learn about your injuries and any medical conditions you may have. Please ensure that you arrive at least 10 minutes early to warm up thoroughly before you start with Carlos if possible. This will not be a sit down consultation, as we have found it far more effective to actually get you moving from day 1. You will be able to experience a typical PT session at our studio and decide whether Carlos’ training style is right for you and your needs.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy in place, which gives clients enough time to cancel any upcoming sessions in the diary. A 24-hour window means that other clients can then book online at fairly short notice if a slot becomes free on MindBody. Sessions can be booked up to within an hour of their start time. All cancellations must be made online and not sent directly to Carlos via email, what’s app, text message, Instagram, or Facebook.

What is your refund policy?

We are happy to refund any remaining sessions on your account provided it is within 12 months of purchase. However, please note we cannot refund any sessions that you have already had. All personal training sessions expire within 12 months, so if you want a refund after this period then it will not be possible. The exception to this is the 28-Day Body Blitz, which must be used within 5 weeks of purchase.


Can I park easily at/near to the studio?

Parking is very easy at and near to our studio. There is plenty of residential parking on the street and a small car park only a 1.5 minute walk from us.

Can I use the studio outside of my PT session?

You may use the studio directly before or immediately after your PT session, as space allows. We always encourage you to come 10-15 minutes early to warm up thoroughly before your workout with Carlos. And where there is space, which 9/10 will not be a problem, you are also welcome to stay after your PT session and either finish up on some weights/cardio by yourself, or hang around to stretch in the garden, if the weather is nice of course! All we ask is that you let Carlos know that you are staying and keep the space clean and tidy for other clients to use.

Is the studio well ventilated?

Yes. We have installed French doors and windows in both studios, keeping the air healthy and fresh indoors. Air indoors can build up high levels of moisture, odors, gases, dust, and other air pollutants. We are fully aware of this and will always keep the studio well ventilated. Also, if you ever feel that you want more doors/windows open before or during your session then please mention this to Carlos. We are very client-centered and focused on excellent customer service.

Is there a shower facility at the studio?

I am afraid that there are no shower facilities here for you to use. There is a toilet but no shower.

Is there a water machine available at the studio?

No, as we wanted to maximize our training space for clients. Although, tap water is available to clients if they forget their water bottle.

What equipment do you have at the studios?

Here is a list of our commercial-grade gym equipment:

Studio 1: Cardio & Strength Room

– LifeFitness Treadmill

– FMI Adjustable Gym Bench

– 2-25kg Dumbbells

– Reebok Step

– Jordan Kettlebells

Studio 2: Boxing Fitness Studio

– Schwinn Spin Bike

– Concept 2 Rowing Machine

– 35kg Punch Bag (Ringside)

– Boxing Wall Pad (Geezers)

– Water Bag (Aquabag)

– Floor to Ceiling Ball

Additional Fitness Kit:

– AMPRO Skipping Rope

– Mini-Bands & Resistance Bands

– Flowin Mat

– Ab Wheel

– Foam Roller

– Stretch Mat

– Boxing Pads

– Powerbags

– ProBox Body Protector

– Stability Ball

– Wrist Roller

What is your cleaning policy?

The studio is cleaned every day, as we always strive to keep an immaculate training space for our clients. Equipment is cleaned with disinfectant and wet wipes. This is also available for clients to use and wipe down machines after use. Hand sanitizer is provided for clients and we please ask everyone to bring a sweat towel, as you will be working hard in the session. We have windows and good ventilation in both studios, preventing any “gym smell” due to bacteria or mold. We always want decent air quality in the studio and want the studio to be a fresh, clean space for everyone.


Do you offer a group training option?

Not at the moment but we have plans in the future to add group fitness training classes to our schedule over the summer months, as well as a fitness retreat in Norfolk somewhere. These things are in the pipeline and Carlos Method Fitness members will be the first to hear about them.

Do you offer a train with a friend option?

I am afraid that we cannot offer a train with a friend option due to us having two separate studios. Carlos cannot effectively coach two clients at a time in this manner.

Is 30 minutes enough time to train?

Is Carlos Method Fitness suitable for me?

We are suitable for all ages and abilities. I have trained kids as young as 11 years old and adults right up until 70+ years of age. We have experience of helping all of the following:


With the the young kids, the focus is on strengthening their core and building their muscular endurance with lots of bodyweight movements, getting them to understand correct posture and alignment.


With the adults, we may be working on fat loss, stress management, or strength and conditioning.

Older Adults

With the older adults, I adopt I very careful approach and we take things slowly and work well within their limits.


I have a lot of practical experience of working with Mums. In Finchley, North London I ran a studio for 9 years and around 70% of our client base were busy Mums. I have my Level 3 Pre and Post-Natal Certificate and have helped Mums maintain their fitness safely throughout their pregnancy. I have also supported them in getting their body confidence back and feeling strong and able again following their pregnancy.

To all potential clients, you can be assured that you will be doing safe and effective exercises, which are right for you and your body. I will constantly communicate with you throughout the session to see how an exercise feels and whether we need to progress or regress the movement to better suit your own mechanics. Everyone’s body shape, level of fitness and strength is different but we begin our training together at whatever your own baseline is and we move on from there, making good progress as the weeks go by. Whether you have never stepped foot into a gym before, or have trained your whole life, we will be able to adapt our session to suit your needs. Everyone will benefit from 30-minutes of safe and effective exercise and will reap the rewards in terms of their general health, well-being and fitness.

What is Carlos Method Fitness?

Great question! Our Method is largely based around circuit and HIIT training, with some influence from CrossFit as well. We ensure our workouts are safe, challenging and effective, whilst keeping things varied and interesting too. Carlos has been a Personal Trainer for over 15 years and he found that strength and cardio programs that were too structured and rigid meant that if clients could not complete what was asked of them, they would feel like a failure. Mood, energy and strength levels can fluctuate throughout the week and this will be down to things like nutrition, sleep and stress. And so, quite early on in his PT career, he realized that there was a need to have more flexibility in a training approach and to not have everything set in stone as much. There is always a thought process behind what he does with clients though and it is not simply a random bunch of exercises thrown together.

What our clients say

Carlos is a great guy and fun to work out with. (You’ve got to enjoy doing it otherwise, you won’t continue!) I have gone to other Personal Trainers, and I think Carlos is the best that I have had. I think this is probably because he is running his own business rather than just an employee at a company. I think this results in Carlos taking a closer interest in your workouts and progress. I’ve been going to Carlos for a couple of months now and I see a real difference in my body.

Brian Blaisdell

I really enjoy Carlos’s half an hour training session. More so than previous trainers I have worked with when an hour seems too long and can become tedious. Carlos’s gym is great – perfect size for one-to-one sessions and he has all the cardio equipment you might want for a warm-up or to continue your workout. He’s also a great boxing trainer. Highly recommended.

Tracy Waxman

My teenage son has been going to Carlos regularly over the last couple of years. Carlos has a great understanding of what is needed to get fit and stay motivated and he delivers his sessions with energy and kindness. Such a great place – I highly recommend!

Louise Parsons

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